A Chinese Qianjiangcai Four Sided Vase

A Chinese Qianjiangcai Four Sides Vase

Description: A early 20th Century Square Calligraphy Vase By Zhouyou Song

Showing calligraphy on two sides and delicate Qianjiang paintings of figures on the other two sides.

The text is 松风水月, 未足比其清华.

This is a quote from a text written by Emperor Taizong of Tang dynasty for the buddhist monk Xuanzang.

“All the breeze by the pine and moon reflection in the water cannot compare to his grace”
Zhou Yousong is an imperial kiln painter
Guangxu period for Qianjiang color masters

Dimensions: approx. 9 inches tall.

Base: marked Guan Yao Nei Zo ( made in the “imperial” or government kiln.

Age: late Qing dated 1904

Style: traditional

Condition: original antique condition, chips/loss of enamel to orange animal heads on each side and loss of enamel along edges of the vase.

Provenance: East Memphis Estate 2 of 4

Price: $ 2450
Reference Number: CR 0082
Shipping $50 priority mail CONUS

http://www.koh-antique.com/qj/qianjiang1.html [1]

https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21773/lot/6378/ttp://auction.artron.net/paimai-art0023200012/ [2]

China 20th c.H: 9"