Japanese Woodblock By Eishi



Japanese Woodcut Print by Eishi “Women Viewing Scroll Paintings of the Gods of Good Fortune:”

Japan, 18th century, woodblock, signed in plate. From Ex-Christie’s May 16, 1983 Sale, lot 310 catalog

One sheet of a triptych.

Artist: CHOBUNSAI Eishi (1756 – 1829) 鳥文斎栄之 – Japanese artist. CHOBUNSAI Eishi, born under the name Hosoda Tokitomi, was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist and was descended from a wealthy samurai family. He studied painting at the Kano school under Kanō Michinobu, which probably gave him the name Eishi. His earliest works were color nishiki-e prints, with literary motifs, such as ‘The Tale of Genji’, as well as portraits of beautiful women, of which he produced a number of series. Occasionally he also designed illustrations for Shunga Erotic books. Eishi was so successful that has been awarded the title Jibukyō and his works were included in the collection of the Empress Go-Sakuramachi in the 1800’s

Dimensions:14.6″h. 10″w.

Period: Edo publisher’s seal Waka (Wakasaya Yoichi of Jakurindo),and kiwame censor seal put this print between 1791 and 1801.

Materials: Woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and color on paper newly framed acid free mat and TRUVUE glaze. Frame 17 by 14 inch.

Condition: good impression, faded. Slight wormage and staining as shown. Framed with acid free core and mat with TRUVIEW glaze.


https://www.mfa.org/collections/object/women-viewing-scroll-paintings-of-the-gods-of-good-fortune-210429 [1]

Japan 18th-19th c.H: 14.6"W: 10"Reference number: jp011